PushResources failed: LE_NOT_POSSIBLE

Hello sometimes when pushing data to airvantage with le_avdata_push I get LE_BUSY ( if push is queued and will pushed later automatically) and if I push more data to que I will get LE_NOT_POSSIBLE (if push queue is full, try again later) and no data is pushed to airvantage anymore!

Session is still open and the heartbeat still works. Restarting the app does not work nor does turning the radio off/on. But if I reboot from ssh or airvantage it works again.

So my questions are:

  • how big is this que?
  • and what is the right procedure when getting LE_BUSY and LE_NOT_POSSIBLE?

Got LE_NOT_POSSIBLE again tonight at 3 AM…

I set it to reboot when receiving 20 LE_NOT_POSSIBLE but still looking for tips on this matter!