Purchase a battery for the mangOH


I am trying to find a battery that I can purchase for the mangOH. I bought one on Amazon but the connection from the battery to the mangOH did not match.

If anyone has a link to a battery that will actually fit into the mangOH, that would be awesome.



the battery you need must have a JST-PHR-2 connector. The battery is single cell Li-Po.
There are a number of such batteries, if you google with this connector name.
Some examples are below:
a. http://www.globalsources.com/gsol/I/Lithium-polymer/p/sm/1135631812.htm?source=ECHP_Top20_Trending_PowerSupplies#1135631812
b. https://shop.cyntech.co.uk/products/lipo-2500mah-3-7v-battery?variant=4353680389