Publishing a Developer Studio Project to GitHub?


When publishing a Developer Studio Project for mangOH to GitHub, what files/folders need to be included, and what files/folders should be excluded?

Of course, all the *.c, *.h, *.cdef, *.adef are needed - but what else?

And what are considered “output” or “generated” files that could/should be excluded?

(this actually applies to version-controlling a DS project in general - not just GitHub publishing)


Hi Andy,

In order to share a DS project, you need to include “." files in your project(s) – e.g. .project, .cproject, etc…-- + the “.settings” folders.
Concerning output exclusion, you’ll need to ignore output folders ("Target_
By the way, please note that DS projects are depending on a “Target Platform” (basically a given version of a Legato SDK).
You should include a note somewhere indicating which SDK version is used in your project.
DS can deal with it if the TP is not installed, but user experience will be better if the SDK is installed first.