Programming multiple modems at once?

Greetings All,
As our development becomes closer to production, We are looking for ideas to be able to program our WP8548s in the most time-efficient way possible. Ideally, up to 10 at a time would be nice.

So far, we’ve found that using the windows executable build hangs if there is more than one modem connected via USB. We’ve also considered changing individual IP addresses of each of the 10 modems and using multiple SSH sessions to copy the files over and run updates. This is a little clunky, but do-able.

Are there other/better options we should be considering? Any suggestions would be very appreciated!

We are using a automation script to run swicwe and swiflash in a linux pc which have better performance compare to windows fdt app but again productivity is the issue as only 1 board we can flash at a time (1 board 7 minutes). Yes we are also searching for a solution to flash multiple device at a time using 1 PC. If someone have any solution please share in this forum.


Hi @niladridm

A new swiflash version should be available soon, offering the capability to program several units at the same time. Will keep you updated.


Any news on this?

And we change some settings via AT commands (like AT!MAPUART with requires a reboot), I guess this is stored in the modem. How can we best change this in production?

Can it be stored in a cwe file?
Stored in a modem config file?
Using uartMode?

Hi @nilsarve

The new swiflash version including this feature was a bit delayed, but still planned.
Will keep you posted ASAP.

hi @daav,

Any news on the new Swiflash version

Can your chip supplier program them before delivery?

Hi @pankaj

We’ve been busy at something else for a while, but I expect to be able to get back on this soon.
Starting to have a working prototype, just need to polish it before external release :wink:

Hi @daav,

Any update/expected release date on this? We have some 200 mangOH Reds to program in the next week or so and something like this would be extremely useful. Thanks.

Hi @daav,

According to this link there is a new swiflash avaliable:

It says v5.1 on the site but when i download with
wget -O /tmp/swiflash_latest.deb
( and install with sudo apt-get install /tmp/swiflash_latest.deb)
and run >swiflash -h it says version 4.6 …?

The main reason for downloading this new version is that it got a new command option -p

Specify the USB port to be used for download (enabling multiple downloads to be performed simultaneously).
Use any path from the /dev/serial/by-path or /dev/serial/by-id folders.
Multiple paths may point to the same device — pick one from the list.
Note: Up to 12 simultaneous downloads are supported.

I am exited to try this out as we need to speed up our production and programming time on the WP modules.