Problems with the use of the external slot of mangoh Yellow

Hello, I have a one problem!!

I know there’s a USIM inside mango Yellow.
By the way, I want to use another USIM. So there is a problem trying.
Even if I put usim in the slot, mangoh yellow couldn’t recognize my usim. It only recognizes internal usim.

How can I use my usim for mangoh yellow?

There is an AT command to switch to external sim. It should have worked by default but we will send command to you

thanks you for your help!
i solve problem!

I took the next step. i use AT command



AT!BAND=02,“KOR LTE”,000000000000,00000000000010,0000000000



I’ve done something.

cm data’s result

APN: Iot.swir

It has been changed to .

Is it wrong to change apn?

You need to build with Octave apps removed if you want to use external slot. You don’t plan to use Octave?

right! i registered Octave last time… but i won’t use that!!

i’ll try your advice thanks.

How can i remove Octave app?? in module or Octave page?
There are a lot of awkward things since I started playing mangoh this time… uu