Problems in Selective data sending to Airvantage server WP85


In my project I am sending parameters to Airvantage server in a selective manner. 15 Min and 24 Hr, Here in 15 Min once I am uploading 4 parameters and 24 Hr once I am uploading 98 parameters. In module code I am using

Code details:

//To end and terminate the application
le_sig_SetEventHandler(SIGTERM, sig_appTermination_cbh);

/* Start AVC Session */
// Register a AVC handler.
avcEventHandlerRef = le_avc_AddStatusEventHandler(AVsessionHandler, NULL);

result = le_avc_StartSession();
if ( result == LE_FAULT )
assetI = le_avdata_Create(ASSET_NAME24HR);

Then these APIs are used to set values periodically with timers.

There are no problems in receiving 15 min parameters but in the case of 24 Hr data, I am missing Half of the parameters data in Airvantage server.

Also I am unable to use the below APIs

le_avdata_PushRecord(recRef, PushCallbackHandler, NULL);

which throws an error — error: ‘le_avdata_AddResourceEventHandler’ was not declared in this scope

I am using legato.framework.16.10.3.wp85-wp750x-201705031608, legato.toolchain.1.7.3.SWI9X15Y_07120900-wp85-wp750x-native-x86_64-201705021320
with Developer studio 5.1
Do I need an upgrade my framework to use the above two API.?