Problem with connecting to AirVantage

Hello everyone, I’ve step by step looked at the instruction and test the application, when i want to connect to the IoT Cloud, the problem comes out. I’v successfully registered in the AirVantage web and put the IMEI und Serial Number, after I put the instruction in the terminal window, it comes out always error with the last step “at+wdss=1,1”. Could Someone tell me what should I do.
Thx a lot
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It look like there is no data service established. So you should login to ssh in different terminal and using cm tool to start the data service.
Below command you can use

  1. cm data apn “apn name”
  2. cm data info
  3. cm data connect

and don’t close this terminal or else your data session will be terminate.
now in the “at command” terminal if you execute “at+wdss=1,1” it should work for you.


Hi, sorry I don’ t very understand ur point, I’m a green hand with that, I don’t know lots of concepts.
Which means “login to ssh in different terminal”?
I need the IoT but now I don’t have any SD or SIM card, so I can not get the apn name.
Muss I have one of these cards and config it, otherweis I can not direkt connect with the AirVantage?


any idea why Airvantage connection stop working suddenly. see below response and its look like i am facing authentication issue. can anyone help me to fix this?



anyone facing this issue? this is happening with all of my wp8548 modules.

@ashish any solution for this?

Hi Nila,
What FW version are you using?

Hi Ashish,
I am using SWI9X15Y_07.11.11.00 legato 16.07 with can driver build which you have shared with me.
But after a day all my wp modules again connected to airvantage. Communication configuration heartbeat interval is 15 minutes for all the module.


Hi Nila,

We really need to move you to the latest release moving forward. Let me see what we can do.
BTW, do you plan to deploy the IoT card on your final product?


Hi Ashish,
Yes as it is a telematics device, CAN is very important here.

Hey everyone,

I tried niladridm’s fix for at+wdss=1,1 yet I still get just the message “ERROR”, keeping the terminal open after the data connect and ssh’ing with a new terminal.

My data apn is set to internet.

Does this mean that you in fact need a SIM card connected to connect to AV? (if so how odd I can ping google just fine)

I’ve updated the firmware to the latest version as well, could this possibly be a version clash issue?

Thanks! :slight_smile: