Problem using Multithreading


Hi i am trying to use multithreading in my application an i am using le_thread_create() function to create a thread and le_thread_start() to start the thread execution.
when i try to compile i am gettin an error as “implicit declaration of function ‘le_thread_create’[-werror=implicit-function-declartion]” even though i have included le_thread.h file in my application.
I am using DS 5.0 with legato vesion 16.10 on ubuntu 32-bit.
Please help me fix this issue.


Hi Kiran,

The function names are le_thread_Create and le_thread_Start. Note the capitalization of the first non-prefix letter of the function. This is consistent with the way that Legato functions are expected to be named by the Legato C language programming standards.


To avoid issue like that, you can use the completion feature in DS.

For example you can write “le_thread_” then hit CTRL+ SPACE.
A combo will appears with all the available functions which start with “le_thread_”.

It’s a great way to discover the API.


Also, you should be #including legato.h instead, as that brings in all of the functions/types from the public API for you.



Thanks Issue is resolved.