Power supply of CF3 at Mangoh RED


Hi, how main power pins VBATT_BB and VBATT_RF are connected to Power supply? In PDF schematics there is no connection. There were couple of inductors between PSU and CF3 module power pins at MangOH Green. But they are missing at Red schematic.
CF3 is probably directly connected to PSU Output.
Is it connected to V_BATT or V_SYS_BATT or VCC_3V7 ?
Thank you.


Page 9 on the schematics.

Both are connected through L903 and L902 to VBAT_MAIN_Supply which is connected to VCC_3V7 by U900 (see CF3 LDO).


Hi! You are right, Somehow search in my pdf is not showing it …Thank you! Mirek