Power design WP8


hi guys, does anyone have an idea about the power design for the WP8 starting from 12V?


Hi ,

WP8 input is 3.4V to 4.3V. So if you are using 12V supply, please ensure it is down converted to the appropriate level.



thanx for reply, can u recommend me a step down switching regulator or give me an example that helps me to build my own power design??


On mangOH, we have tested from 4.5V to 17V. If you look on the power supply we use, BQ24192I for down coversion and then add an LDO for voltage stability (TPS7A7300). However, we are also experimenting remove TPS7A7300 and seeing if that keeps the same performance.

You can of course look at other solutions provided by Linear Tech or Texas Instruments.


On mangoH, the BQ24192I is used mainly for power management because we have a different source of power(USB,DC jack and battery) and also for down conversion, the question is what’s the adequate step down regulator that i can use to remplace the BQ24XX because in my project i have a single source power of 12V?


So basically, what you need are the power requirements for the module? Like what is the maximum continuous and peak currents?


yeaa , that’s what i mean, and i will be very grateful if u give me some products examples that fit with my project needs.


Ok,here are some rough numbers for WP8 which is a 2G/3G module:
Peak (worst case): 2.5A
Continuous (worst case): 650-700 ma
Note that for LTE, the continuous current will be higher and will be band dependent.I would take a worst case of 1-1.2A continuous if you want to migrate to LTE at a later date.
When we did mangoh design we took all the above numbers into account for our design.

I would suggest that you can also do the following:
a. Goto source.sierrawireless.com, register your self there
b. Search for WP8548 PTS
c. Get exact current numbers for WP8548
d. You can also keep track of other WP module there as well