Possibility to connect a solar panel to feed the battery of the yello mango OH board

Hello members,

I would like to know if it is possible to connect a solar pane to feed the battery of the board. the battery will be a 3.7V Li.

Are you powering on the board by usb 5V now?

I am powering yes, but it is for a further moment. it would have a lipo battery 3.7 V and 650mhA. The solar panel would be for charging the battery.

Another option is to use the solar panel to power the board directly with a voltage converter.

Where is your 3.7v feeding to the mangoh board?

if I use the Lipo battery, it would come from this one.

If I use the solar panel directly, then from the solar panel.

I saw in the schematic, there is battery input port

so, a solar panel would be possible, right?

I think you need to make some test on that battery port

ok thanks, i wiil do it, thanks for your help!!

Hello again, I’ve been looking around, and I need a battery that will last me two years, sending geolocation, temperature, humidity and acceleration data every 15 minutes. How much mhA of battery would I need to last two years?

I think you need to make some test and measure the current