posDaemon - Bad position indication


I am trying to read latitude and longitude coordinates from the wp85 on mangOH green. I modifed the textLoc example to read the coordinates. I see their warning in the logs:

posDaemon[541]/le_pa_gnss T=unknown | pa_gnss_qmi.c PositionHandler() 994 | Bad position indication

What am I supposed to interpret from this?



Did you check what the result of le_pos_Get2DLocation() in the function GetCurrentLocation() returns? Not just that it is LE_OK - but what it really returns? This return value will give you some more info about what is really going on.

Note that you will need a good GNSS antenna on the mangOH green platform before you will get a fix. Have a look at the Unable to get GPS fix forum post for some more discussion about antenna selection.

ciao, Dave