Please share WL1831 based Talon Mirage IoT card schematic

Hi ,

I am using WL1831 based Talon Mirage IoT card which is connected with MangoH red board. Actually I am need of schematic probing signals as part of debugging. Please share the schematic of Talon Mirage IoT card at the earliest .


Hi @sg001,

I don’t think the schematic of the Talon WiFi/BT IoT card is available publicly. Have you seen the datasheet? If you have a specific problem, someone might be able to offer suggestions.

HI ,

We are designing a custom WP7607 modem with WL1831 module connect with WP7607 modem through SDIO interface ( need to refer same as as per MIRAGE Sierra mangOHTM IoT board ) . Could please share MIRAGE Sierra mangOHTM IoT schematic for reference or else please help to do review of schematic.