Ping won't work on Mangoh Red WP7702

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to ping my Mangoh Red board but it doesn’t work anymore. I was working on the WiFi connection and after having set my Mangoh Red I wen’t to have a lunch break. When I came back I couldn’t ping my board. I am equiped with a WP7702 and when I open the device manager I can see the SierraWireless DM port.

I can’t ping my device nor ssh it.

If you need any other information I would be pleased to give it to you!

did you capture the UART kernel debug log when problem happens?

No, unfortunatly I did not… Is it possible for me to retrieve it?

No, it seems the module is crashed and cannot operate normally.
That is why you see DM only mode

Would you be able to tell me why it did crashed?

The uart debug message may have some hint

Where may I find the UART debug message?

just connect USB to the CONSOLE connector on mangoh red board.
It is using UART2.
And you need to make sure AT!MAPUART has been setting UART2 as linux console usage.