Permission denied (publickey)


Permission denied (publickey)

Help needed

Ubuntu 16.04
mangOH Red CF3 WP8548

Update the target’s firmware to the latest available version:
$ fwupdate download WPx5xx_Release14_GENERIC_SPK.spk
Permission denied (publickey)

Same error with the command:

ssh root@
Permission denied (publickey)


Permission denied (publickey)

It may be that the error was entered by me, when configuring the Login Authentication by selecting option one:

  1. Setup ssh keys and disable passwords-based authentication via ssh (the most secure)

Instead option 3

3)  Do nothing

Any suggestion will be welcome

Thanks in advance…/Melchor Sanz


How can i reset the mangOH red?

I think when setting the first ssh connection to the device, choosing option 1 instead of 3, I created a password on the device that I can not access …

Any suggestions ??

thanks in advance … / Melchor_Sanz


Can you connect via the console port? If so, what are the contents of the directory: /mnt/flash/config/system/etc/?