Password mangOH Yellow SSH Session


I am trying to access via SSH to a mangOH Yellow (Which is not mine), I am asked for a password, however, I do not have any.
I reset the chip with the command: swiflash -m wp77xx -i WP77xx_Release13_SIERRA.spk.

However, even after a successfully reset I am still asked to give a password.
(…) ssh root@
root@’s password:
Permission denied, please try again.
root@’s password:

Is there a default one with this spk ?

Note that when trying another reset, I got this:

    $ swiflash -m wp77xx -r
Detecting USB of the target
Communicating with the target
Switching to firmware download mode
Downloading the firmware
..ERROR: Firmware Download failed. Callback status 59399ERROR: Firmware Download Failed

Thx for your support.

same issue as this one:

Switch back to R9, did the -r, for then came back to R13.

Works like a charm.

Thanks !