OVF/OVA Template Frozen



I’m trying to use the OVF template for mangOH Dev using Legato 18.08.0 on Ubuntu 18.04, but it’s frozen whenever I open Terminal (via GUI).

I’ve tried researching, though that has become a bit of a problem considering I can’t even get into a Linux shell! Currently using VMware Fusion Professional Version 8.5.10 (7527438) on macOS 10.14.1

Also considering trying to set the run level of the Linux VM to level 3 (No GUI) to see if that solves it. Tried increasing the resources to (2) CPU, (4) GB RAM. Tried re-downloading the OVF, too. Was a nice thought!

Would love some assistance!


I build and test the VM under Virtualbox. Have you tried running it under Virtualbox?