Ordering mangOH Green starter kit


The mangOH Green starter kit is in stock with element14 as of today. Refer below link.


I am based in Pune, India and trying to order this kit from element14 but the response from sales representative is that I have to sign end user license agreement and the lead time is 30-45 days.
I am ok with the agreement but I don’t understand why there is so long lead time if part is in stock.

Has anybody ordered this kit in India ?



I have contacted E14 to see what is happening


Hi @asyal. Is there any update from E14 ? I want to place an order as early as possible.


I talked to E14 and here is the response:

“Customer is mis-informed if indeed he was given leadtime of 30-45 days.
Customer needs to fill-in the regulatory details, which he knows and agrees with.
It should not take more than 10 days, if not shorter, to have units delivered to Pune.
Stock is readily available.”

@Jas can you help here?



@asyal thank you for your response. I have received a second email clarification from E14 and below is their response. But I have manged to order the part from Digikey and hope to receive it in few days.

"Yes we have part in stock at our UK WH . This part is export restriction to India.
To import this we required license from UK Govt: to ship it to End User [That’s your Company]

This part Prototyping Kit comes under complains check at Customs [ UK/ INR ] to complete this process its takes 30-45 days in-between.
We will provide END USER Form, you need to fill the details what is the purpose of using this Prototyping Kit with all the explanation .
Once UK Govt approves this part, it will be shipped with appropriate document, all the customs verification involves to import this product to India. Note : [Only few items are restricted not all ]
If you agree to goahead , End User form will be sent, pls fill the details requested."




@asyal @Jas I finally got my Mangoh green starter development kit ordered from Digikey. However WP8548 module is missing. Is this normal? Should i contact Digikey?





For mangoh green you need to order the modules separately.



The kit content image on e14 shows that module is included. also the buy links on mangoh website mention as starter kit + wp8548.
So does that mean if the kit is bought from e14, it will come along with module and when bought from Digikey, the module has to be purchased separately?


mangoh green doesnt come with the module. you need to buy it separately.
It doesnt matter if it is at Digikey or E14.