Open source adapters


Hi Ashish,

Thanks for your prompt response earlier. I would like to create an integrated device that has proximity and vibration sensors ideally for an object in motion (eg car)

Please advise if there are add on adapters (including open source 3rd party ones) that can be connected to mangOH.




Hi Taurai,

On mangOH Green, you have an accelerometer and gyro (LSM6DS3) that you can use to detect motion/vibration. It is a very powerful piece of hardware. ( .
Note that:
a. We will provide a way for you to build the drivers in the next few weeks
b. We are looking at integrating this into a platform driver in early Q1 2017. This way you don’t have to build the driver and will come pre-integrated as a package from us. Notet that is a few months away
You can use option a to do early development.

For proximity sensors, there are a number of options that you can look at. Please check at adafruit or sparkfun or E14 website, pick a proximity sensor according to your requirements. Make sure the voltage level of the part you use is the same as the voltage level on mangOH (1.8v).