OCTAVE trial account with Mango Yellow

I have my new MangOH Yellow and I excited to test it with Octave.

I have followed MangOH getting started guide.

They ask me to go to ( bk.sierrawireless.io) and click on I NEED AN ACCOUNT

Then I have filled the form but I don´t find the option for “ I need an account “ or for Free Trial Octave Account in the below link




For the giveaway unit, please use your email. Your account was already created.
Just reset the password

Hello Asyal

No, I don´t get the account with my mail. I reset the password. I received the mail to reset it but then when trying the new password I receveid this message " You do not have an Octave account yet. You can apply for an account by filling this form."


Hello Ashish
I have reset the passweord but I don´t have access to Octave trial account.


Can you paste your error message?

When I go there, I also see no ‘I NEED AN ACCOUNT’ option - just a login page:

My usual practice is to create a specific email address for that login.
If I do that, the email gets me to the password prompt, but then the ‘Forgot Password’ link says it’s sent a reset message - but it doesn’t.

If I use my “correspondence” email address, the reset does work and I can log in.

We used the email address provided by you when you applied for the giveaway units. Can you try that please?

Yes - that’s the "correspondence” email address.


but then the device registration seems incomplete:

Hi Isabel, I don’t see your account created yet. I can see your mangOH registered in your company account but you are missing as a user.
I will complete your registration tomorrow and let you know when done.
Sorry for that, Regards,

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