Octave report - less than five seconds ago

Octave reports that has seen my device a few seconds ago.

But I don’t have any recent change or recent event. What information is being exchanged and where could I see it?

Thank you,

Hey Marc, Is your device in developer mode? Click the device icon in the upper left corner of the device UI and you’ll see a drop down with a “developer mode” toggle that looks like this:

If “developer mode” is on, the device will refresh its status in the cloud on a regular basis. More info can be found here: https://docs.octave.dev/guides/device_comm/#configuring-developer-mode

Hi Tom, great, thanks for your inputs, they help to solve my question. I could see that in Octave, resources / cloud interface when the status line is enabled Octave will be “seeing” the device, even if the dev mode is off. See below.