Octave blueprint reset?

I have two MangOH yellow, one of which I thought was faulty, the other is in a more pristine condition. Both are not connecting well to Octave when they previously did - they seem unable to sync.

The edge action runs for a while then suspends for 30 mins, I wonder if this is a problem?

Or does something else in the blueprint cause bad behaviour that stops the MangOHs from syncing?

Is there a way to reset the blueprint / config applied to the boards and start over, the edge action and resource config is not that complicated? I would like to recover these devices for a customer demo.

In desperation I have deleted and re-added one device as it seems there’s no way to remove a blueprint (although to be fair we could apply an earlier version, however the process of applying a blueprint seems to be broken right now for these devices)

After removing and re-adding the device it’s still reporting data and behaving badly… so I tried reinstalling the firmware thinking it would behave like an out of the box device… but still it seems the device has some record of it’s previous config?

How can I reinitialise the MangOH completely?

I found a working approach,

  • In octave, Remove device (note the IMEI and serial to re-add later)
  • On the device, flash the firmware as described in the Getting Started Guide (GSG PDF)
  • Connect on the console and issue commands: legato stop; rm -rf /mnt/flash/legato/*; reboot
  • In octave, add the device