No such path : '/sys/class/power_supply/LTC2942/temp'


Every now and then I am getting the following error when I try to send an update to my mangOH red.

LE_FILENAME file_CopyRecursive() 821 | No such path : ‘/sys/class/power_supply/LTC2942/temp’

When I encounter this error I can no longer add, remove, or update any apps. Attempting any of those normally results in a crash.
Restarting may fix the issue, but not always.
The device seems to be running fine during all of this and doesn’t appear to crash during normal operation.

I am running 18.10.3 with the latest mangoh distribution, but I have seen this problem on previous versions.


What do you mean by “send an update to my mangOH red”? Are you running update somefile.update or do you mean something different?

Does the file /sys/class/power_supply/LTC2942/temp exist? It should. Also, lsmod should show a module named ltc294x.


I am sending an update pack through devstudio - linux virtual machine.

lsmod returns:

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# lsmod
Tainted: G
mt7697serial 8086 0 - Live 0xbf04a000 (O)
mt7697q 19687 0 - Live 0xbf040000 (O)
mangoh_red 9606 0 - Live 0xbf039000 (O)
ltc294x 5551 0 - Live 0xbf034000 (O)
led 2076 0 - Live 0xbf030000 (O)
cp2130 20446 1 mt7697q, Live 0xbf027000 (O)
bq27xxx_battery 25247 0 - Live 0xbf01b000 (O)
bq24296 10812 0 - Live 0xbf014000 (O)
bmp280_i2c 2607 0 - Live 0xbf010000 (O)
bmp280 9469 1 bmp280_i2c, Live 0xbf009000 (O)
bmi160_i2c 1851 0 - Live 0xbf005000 (O)
bmi160 5448 1 bmi160_i2c, Live 0xbf000000 (O)

I wasn’t aware of the lsmod command, so I don’t know what that returns when this error occurs, but I can confirm that the folder /sys/class/power_supply/LTC2942 is missing when this error occurs.