No connection betwee board and PC



I have a setup with MangOH green + WP7702 and it is connected to my PC via USB (and also powered by the same cable).

The issue that I have now is that sometimes I can connect (via SSH) and sometimes I get a connection error. Same setup, I feel like winning the lotery when I get connected.

Is this normal?

Is this because the module is in sleep mode?

Here you can see a screenshot of tera term

If I go into my connected USB devices, the PC can see a Sierra Wireless USB Composite Device.

Thank you in advance.


Is the module cover lose by any chance? This intermittent behavior points to a loose cover.


Hi Asyal,

I use the cover that fits the module.
It would be weird if the behaviour is due to a loose cover because I barely touch the mangOH board except for plugging in and unplugging the USB cable.

I usually just close teraterm and open it again for a couple of times, but during that time, I don’t touch the mangOH board.