New to legato and mangoh, help needed


Hello everyone,

I’m an electrical engineer and recently my job has turned a lot more software-based than the hardware and embedded C I’m used to. I purchased a mangoh red board to determine viability for one of our projects. I’ve followed the setup instructions for linux exactly. After overcoming quite a few issues and then being stumped on what seems like the last 5 yards, I finally vaporized that VM and installed the gui developer studio. I’m still having issues, but at least I can compile the “Hello World” program. Although for the life of me, I can’t seem to compile any of the other programs.

I just want to change the output of one GPIO pin so I can see something on my DSO. I’m scoping the IoT breakout connector, and the RPi header but none of the gpio programs seem to work, even the github programs crash frequently/do not compile.

Is this normal? Am I missing something?

I’ve tried making everything from the command line again, but still can’t make legato for the wp77xx, or mangoh for the red_wp77xx. Can someone give me some direction here? I’ve included a txt of the command line output when trying to make wp77xx in the legato directory. failed make output 1.txt (106.0 KB)



Furthermore, if anyone can recommend any good books on learning embedded linux, I’d greatly appreciate it.