New IoT cards coming



In the next few months, you will see the following IoT cards in the market from our ecosystem partners:

a. WiFi/BT -> already available
b. CAN -> already available
c. Ethernet -> already available
d. Grove connector -> in design
e. Thread -> in design
f. Zigbee -> in design
g. RS485 -> in design
h. RS232 -> in design
i. Two-port USB hub -> in design
k. cc2500/cc1100/cc1101 generic RF module -> in design
h. interface board for prototyping -> in design
i. Dust Network -> in design

If you think we need any more IoT boards please comment here…



I am personally very excited by the release of some IoT like the Thread one :slight_smile:


Hi all,

LoRa, LoRaWan and Sigfox IoT cards are now available – here.