Need to reset WP7504


I was doing some testing on WP7504 using development studio on windows. I used the tty serial api without sandbox. After power cycling the board, the WP module stopped enumerating the COM ports (except the DM port) and now I can’t connect to the module.

I tried to reset the module to factory setting using the both wizard and swiflash. Neither was successful completely. Attached screen shots for the attempt.

Any idea how to solve this? Is the module damaged?

Please help. Best regards,

Hi @Moe,

I’m not sure if you’re still stuck on this, but if you are, consider observing the console port while the update is in progress. You might find some clues there.

Hi David @dfrey ,

Thank you for your suggestion. I actually found out that the problem was I configured the second serial port as NMEA. This is not recommended according to the release notes of the latest firmware which made the module behave this way.

Anyways, thank you again. Appreciate it!