Need CAN IOT connector and Legato can bus library


I am working on a telematics project and we need can iot module and legato library to start my project. Please let me know where i can get the library and sample program on this.



We are expecting some CAN modules at E14 by mid to late June.
Do you have experience doing Yocto driver integration?


Hi Asyal,
Thank you for your quick response. I have another query (posted in other thread already). In the Mangoh board developer document i have find out that AR865X / AR755X modules are also support Legato but there is no details available anywhere on the same. If i am not wrong these are automotive grade module so I am looking for more information on this module. It ll be great if you can share some details with me.


Hi Nila,
AR modules are not supported on mangoh platform. If you wish to use them, please visit and ask your question there.


We are working on PCA IOT CAN ( so it will be great if you can let us know exactly when SPI CAN library and example DS code will be available.



Any update on IOT CAN connector?



Yes, see below link on E14 website:


Thank you Asish.
We have purchased one. Please let us know when shall we get the sample code to test the connector.



Will release steps to upload driver to device in 2 weeks. Also will provide sample code for demo we did based on this IoT connector then.