Need a solution with vibration and temp sensor packed in FX 30 case


We are looking for a solution that can be packed in a certified enclosure such as FX30, and has vibration and temperature sensors on board. Another key requirement is to have a WiFi AP capability.

Any suggestions?



HI Bobby, my name is Kyle and I work on the inside sales team at Sierra Wireless. We can introduce one of our FX30 distributors/re-sellers that can offer an IoT Card for vibration and an IoT card for temperature sensors to be in the bill of material with an FX30: . If one is not available that will meet your needs, our distributor/re-seller can engage a manufacturer to present you the business case to have one designed for you. Because you’re adding the IoT cards there may be additional certification required, but it is typically a smaller cert cost than if you were pursuing your own PCB design. We can introduce a local Sierra Wireless contact to lead the discussion. Please email me your contact details if you’d like to pursue this further. My email is kparker at


Hi Kyle,
Thanks for your note.
My contact is:

Looking forward to talk to you soon.