My network service creasing


when i try to connect legato board with my laptop(OS: ubuntu Linux(16.4)). that time my network service is creasing. how can i solved this problem? how can i reinstall old modemmanager version ? how can see modemmanager version ?



Hi @hardikaghara1012,

What do you mean by ‘creasing’?

You should not have the modemmanager installed on Ubuntu - it interferes with the USB ECM interface between the mangOH and your host. See the release notes for Legato.

ciao, Dave


I have but it’s new version who is not supported by MangOH broad.
it’s required 1.0.0 modemmanager version in linux. how can i install it in pc using command?


What requires 1.0.0 modemmanager ?

As @davidc says, modemmanager is not compatible with mangOH - as well as the release notes, search the forum for previous discussions.