Multiple WIFI SSID


I got the WiFi working by following the wiki tutorial for flashing the mediaTek chip. I have just one question. Can I add multiple SSIDs for the board to connect to?
One more thing, how can I change the priority of WiFi and GSM? I know it can be done through data connection services. But if someone can show the way it would be a great help


Support for multiple WiFi APs in the data connection service does not currently exist. This is a feature that I have requested. There is substantial work being done on the data connection service right now, but I haven’t been following it in detail. See this commit if you’re interested:

You can use le_data_SetTechnologyRank() to control which connection method is attempted first.


Yes I have some familiarity with the data connection service. In my application wifi is only initialized once. If i force stop the app and run it again it says WIFI resource is busy? Any idea why that is?