MTWIFI script fails during boot


Hello everyone,

I am trying to configure the wifi settings for auto start after a reboot. For some reasons, things weren’t working at all.

I have updated this in /etc/network/interfaces :

auto wlan1

iface wlan1 inet dhcp
pre-up /etc/init.d/mtwifi start uart 1
post-down /etc/init.d/mtwifi stop 1

When ran manually (ifup wlan1), this works all fine.
However, on reboot it fails. I found that the network boot scripts are failling, especially, ‘mtwifi’ script.

Setup MT7697 UART Starting diagrebootapp: /etc/init.d/mtwifi: line 90: cm: not found Device: sh: WP76: unknown operand done

it appears that cm info is run too early before system is initialized.
Please advise.
Thanks in advance.