Mt7697wifi kernel module source


I followed the steps to enable built in wifi modem as mentioned in this thread:

I have a Red board with WP7502 module. Although the instructions are meant for WP76xx, I followed the same for building WP750x module. Till date, WP750x is running R15firmware with a slightly older poky toolchain support. The steps were same and finally I could build and flash the module.

In last step with command “ifup wlan1” is failing. A kernel module for MT is missing. Here is the command log:
root@swi-mdm9x15:~# ifup wlan1
Setup MT7697 UART
Initialized Linux WiFi modules
insmod: can’t insert ‘/legato/systems/current/modules/2-mt7697wifi_core.ko’: No such file or directory

The modules directory is empty.
My question is, this module is firmware dependent or can be build from source?


WP75xx will not support MT7697 with release 14 or 15.
You will be better of using the IoT card for now.
Or use the WP76xx or WP77xx that support both the IoT card and the MT7697


I followed the same steps with WP7608. I am getting stuck at same issue:

root@swi-mdm9x28:/tmp# ifup wlan1
Setup MT7697 UART
insmod: can’t insert ‘/legato/systems/current/modules/2-mt7697wifi_core.ko’: No such file or directory

Can you comment?
I am running on latest firmware. The kernel modules are missing.


Did you follow this WiKi


Yeah. But the kernel module 2-mt7697wifi_core.ko is missing in my current WP.


Ok so you have uploaded the WiFi firmware to the MTK module.
Try using the VM to upload the .update file to your WP .
Follow instructions in this post:


I was able to make wifi working on the WP7608 following the wiki link.
There is some issue in recent firmware dated: 01 March (Release 8), flashing on top of it causes kernel panics. I downgraded to firmware dated: 05 Feb (Release 7.0.1) and everything worked as expected.


@niteshbhatia008: Please provide any kernel panic messages you can so that we can work to resolve the issue.