mqttClient Service Connect error?

I don’t know, that is why you need to get evidence to prove which part is going wrong

Hi @jyijyi I modified the configuration file of Mosquitto (verstion 2 need a configuration):

And now I see:

So the broker is running well on the 1883 port, right?

Have you captured wireshark to understand the traffic?

I see it:

I didn’t understand what I should see and where on wireshark…

okay sorry, if I run sudo wireshark I see:

So I can see USB interface

Isn’t it local adress?

At this point I should see of 1883 mosquitto, but I can’t see it. Am I in error?

You can only monitor port 1883

okay, but I can’t see it, so my VM doesn’t see this port?

The mqtt should be sent out when app start

I’m capturing TCP packets but I can’t see anything on or port 1883…

You can ping the interface and see if you can capture anything

Seems not ping any 1883

I mean just ping, and see any ping packet captured, this can ensure your wireahark is ok

Okay, but in all the packets captured I can’t see 1883 interface…

Then maybe your wireshark is not capturing correctly

yes…but I cannot make it capture correctly. At the same time I think that mosquitto is running, so really I can’t understand why socket errror. It makes me crazy

You need to fix the wireshark first

Sorry, does exist a guide? I can’t find it

You can search in google …

Anyway mosquitto is in running, so I don’t think that this could be make some other available, I really can’t understand why this socket error