MQTT SSL is not working

Hi All,

I am new to legato, Facing issue with MQTT SSL Connection, As soon as trying to connect MQTT over ssl app is getting crash (Reporting segment fault). Please suggest a solution for this issue

Module Name : WP7608

Required to connect MQTT Over TLSV1.2

You can try this

I tried but couldnt solve the issue

Dec 11 10:37:58 swi-mdm9x28-wp user.err Legato: =ERR= | mqttClientService[14785] | ILLEGAL ADDRESS 0x9c

Facing this issue, and getting into segmentation fault

Are you using this one?

did you debug it?
Which line causes this?

sorry i didnt use that one, Only certificate path i modified, I will try this now

Sorry for this basic question, I couldnt build the app,

Error :
“message”: “Binding to non-existent server app ‘mqttClientApi’.”,

.cdef file
// ${LEGATO_ROOT}/apps/platformServices/mqttClient/mqtt.api

.adef file

TEXTMqttTLSEXE.TEXTMqttTLS_Component.le_mdc -> modemService.le_mdc
TEXTMqttTLSEXE.TEXTMqttTLS_Component.le_mrc -> modemService.le_mrc
TEXTMqttTLSEXE.TEXTMqttTLS_Component.le_sim -> modemService.le_sim
TEXTMqttTLSEXE.TEXTMqttTLS_Component.le_info -> modemService.le_info
TEXTMqttTLSEXE.TEXTMqttTLS_Component.le_data -> dataConnectionService.le_data
TEXTMqttTLSEXE.TEXTMqttTLS_Component.mqttClient -> mqttClientApi.mqttClient

any issue with binding files?

you need to also compile and download this one

am also facing same issue can i have any sample to publish/subscribe mqtt

you can see this thread: