Mesh I2C communication with mangOH Platform


Hey I newbie to cloud & Connectivity era,
I have mesh based Wireless sensor which I am able to connect successfully with Raspberry pi but I wanted to give it a try with mangoH Platform in which I wanted to send the readings of Sensor to server’s database which is received by raspberry pi from wireless sensor,
Monitor the data through Web application which display the sensors data in smartphones and enables the Mqtt services which binds with sensors output as well as application and send the warning update whenever temperature range go up or down from defined range via SMS in user’s smartphones

Your leads on to create this function will be very helpful


Hi Denny,

I’m not sure that I fully understand what you’re trying to do. It seems like the sensor you linked to requires a 900 MHz Wireless Modem which has a USB interface. I think you could plug that USB modem into a mangOH and then use the cellular connectivity provided by the WP module to relay data from the 900 MHz modem to a remote server on the Internet.


Can you suggest me how can I make the device connected with these modules and remote server on internet

Or Any documentation kind documentation regarding this will be very helpful


Do you have any experience with software or firmware development in general?

The usual rule is to divide and conquer, and take things one step at a time.

Your first step is to get data from the sensor into the mangOH.

Once the data is in the mangOH, it is irrelevant where it came from.

So next you can look at examples of getting data - any data - from a mangOH into the cloud.

Sierra Wireless have a cloud service called AirVantage - so, obviously, Sierra’s examples are likely to concentrate on that.

Again, once the data is in the cloud, it is irrelevant where it came from.

So next you can look at examples of building cloud apps using data - any data.

Here is a data-to-cloud example:


This one in mangOH to AirVantage:


Their product web page says:

You should take them up on that …