Mechanism of mangOH Yellow "initial programming"

A mangOH Yellow has a mechanism that enables “initial programming”; which the “mangOH Yellow Getting Started Guide” (Document No. 41113347, Rev 4) says.

I have four questions to estimate the possibility of accidentally rewriting the area for the “initial programming”; doing it makes “initial programming” impossible.

  1. In the “initial programming”, does the CF3 Module read the default firmware in a specific memory or storage?

  2. What memory or storage has the default firmware?

  3. Is it possible for a mangOH Yellow user to rewrite the memory or storage which has the default firmware?
    I do not intentionally rewrite the memory or storage, but due to an error in the setting of the write destination path, etc.
    I think if the answer of 2 is a mask ROM, that of 3 is no, but if the answer of 2 is an eMMC, that of 3 could be yes.

  4. If the answer of 3 is yes(rewritable), could you tell me how to restore that area?