Mechanical dimensions


Could you please provide mechanical dimensions for the board? In particular, the diameter and distances between holes will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Cam you get garber files from this site:

I have the same question.
I would rather not have to dimension the gerbers on my own.
A 3D step file would be ideal, since the Yellow components have significant height on both sides.

Can you provide mechanical drawings of the Yellow with dimensions for the mount hole spacing? I don’t find any such drawing in the gerber download or other downloads for the yellow hardware.

Also, how much storage and memory is available on the device?
We are customizing a system image and hitting errors about the size of the yocto bits and overall image.


We are working on providing the specs by mid next week at the latest. We will post them here first and then on the website itself. @OneOak

Here is the mechanical dimensions file for yellow. Thanks @OneOak.
mangoh_yellow_pcba_prelim.PDF (47.8 KB)

Great, thanks.

A suggestion may be to add both board sides in the final version.