Measuring module current consumption on mangOH Red


Hi, I want to be able to measure the current consumption of only the module on the mangOH red. I understand there are a number of other current consuming ICs on the board so its important to measure only the consumption of the module. How do I do this?

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• install R970 10k ohm, remove R901
• remove R820
• add R826 0 ohm (or short)
• power module through CN802 : voltage between 3.4V to 4.3V only
• set low pin 3 and pin 8 of SW401
• then you only get module current consume via CN802



Hi @bteeter, nice question and deep knowledge answer @asyal.

@bteeter I believe some costumers and applications (in the automobile industry for exemple) may require to see these measurements and results. Just for info, have you measured big differences from those current values provided in the spec? In which cases if I may ask? Or why would you like to measure it?
Thank you two.