mangoOH Yellow not powering up

I’m following the Getting Started Guide and I’ve downloaded the Windows Driver, and followed the instructions on step 3.4 by removing the protective film, making sure dip switch blocks are OFF, and that the jumper is on the pins closest to the edge of the board.

I do not currently have a SIM card that fits, so SIM slot is empty.

When I power through USB port on my laptop, the power led does not turn on and nothing happens. I also tried using an external battery pack that outputs 5V /2A and nothing happens… not even a blink.

Any suggestions?


Can you show a photo of your unit with the power connections? Is this a brand new unit? Is your on/off button set correctly?

The getting started instructions do not emphasize that the power switch needs to be set on. The mangOH Red does not have such as switch and it’s easy to miss it.

Good to know. We will update.
@jbartol can you please look into this?

It was the power switch and it works now, thanks!

Going through activating the device with Octave and I think it would be helpful for the power switch to be mentioned here too. In the picture it actually looks like the power switch is in OFF position: