Mangoh yellow sim problem(APN setting)

If I run at+cgdcont? after running at command below, the apn is constantly changed to iot.swir. in mangoh yellow That’s why the connection keeps getting disconnected. Below is my screen.


at+cgdcont? +CGDCONT: 1,“IP”,“iot.swir”,“”,0,0,0,0

Please let me know if there is a new solution to connect data in mangoh yellow…

It sounds like Windows might be managing the cellular connection.

Settings > Network and Internet > Cellular > untick “let windows manage this connection”

Hi Seong,

iot.swir is the APN for Sierra Wireless Octave (distributed computing data orchestration platform). If you’re running Octave on your mangOH Yellow (you may have it installed by default in your mangOH Yellow that comes with a 3 months Octave free trial), Octave app keeps checking the APN whenever it needs to communicate to Octave server thru Sierra Wireless cellular network, and changes whenever it is wrong or unset. Please note that Octave uses the eSIM inside the cellular module to communicate.

If you are willing to test Octave (and the eSIM), you may not change the APN.
If you are willing not to use Octave, then you need to follow mangOH getting started manual and update mangOH Yellow firmware with a pure mangOH Yellow firmware without Octave on it. Starts here:

Hope it helps,