Mangoh Yellow SD Card not working


I am trying to mount an SD Card in the uSD slot on the mangoh yellow. I have the SD Card formatted and installed. I have SDIO_SEL2 (SW8) switched on per the HW architecture doc. I have rebooted the module. there is no mmc device showing up in /dev and i don’t see any entries in dmesg that indicated a device is being detected. hopefully i am missing something trivial to get this working.

Has anyone had a chance to look at this? anything obvious i am missing?

I’m using an SD card in the mangOH yellow. I’ve found that it’s really picky about the brand and type of SD card used. I’ve had good luck with Kingston class 4 cards. I haven’t gotten a single SanDisk card to work at all – they always error out with “mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card”.

I don’t think you have to change any switches on the board. According to the schematic, the SD card being inserted automatically chooses it through the switch.

I think on stock mangOH firmware you have to do modprobe sdhci-msm, but my custom build of the firmware has that module built into the kernel instead.