MangOH Yellow R17 OTG not working


I am trying to get Webcams working in R17 on a mango yellow. I have the modules loaded in happily but now connecting the hardware is an issue.

I have compiled R17 from scratch to include gstreamer and uvc drivers. When I use multiple different OTG cables the USB webcam does not appear in dmesg.

I have tried connecting a USB flash drive with the same cables and i get the error: "msm_otg: 78d9000.usb: Could not get usb power_supply

I have also tried the command 'find . -name “power_supply”. The response that I get is the folder “/sys/class/power_supply”. With nothing in it.

Has OTG been broken in the new R17 release? Or do I need to make changes to the build recipes to enable it?

Many Thanks.

this is known issue:

As workaround, you might need to use R16.
If you have mangoh green or mangoh red, you can use USB host connector which is using HSIC bus.

you can download a fix build of R17 to work with USB OTG: