Mangoh Yellow NFC

How do you work with NFC with the mangoh yellow, because I can’t read an external tag, nor can I read with a phone the tag on the mangoh yellow, is there a step that it’s not in the documentation, or a step that I missed for this to work, as far as I know at least the command should be able to read the tag (ntag read).

I haven’t found any useful information in this forum or outside this forum.

Also, I am not able to write to the tag.

This logs where not appearing yesterday

It looks like I overwrote the NFC I2C address from 0x55 to 0x00, and I don’t seem to be able to change it back or at least haven’t found a way to do so.

Made a fix for this.

It looks like all I had to do was set the CC, on the tag (read tag documentation), and then format the tag with the NXP tag writer application. Then in ntag command would work. The code above also sets the CC to E1106D00 witch is the default and correct CC.