mangOH Yellow - NFC and other questions


Is the mangOH Yellow NFC (planned to be) card emulation, or reader - or both?


currenlty it is a tag only but will be open to suggestions.


What chip is used for BLe and WiFi ?



May 2019 ???
Why ? We want it now !


its a Cypress WiFi/BT combo solution: CYW48


Well @Francis.duhaut if you have real life use can you want to use it for, then we can definitely look at some early adopters to try out and see what needs to be improved. So send me a message if there is a use case in mind


It’s a good choice :wink:
Ok I will send you a message.


I have seen mangOH yellow first time here. Looks great. But what I really want to have on it - it is second IoT slot. It could be just optional feature. For example connected on a cable. I think, it would massively extend functionality. I have noticed, one IoT slot is not enough very often.


Good idea and something we agree with…
We dont have enough real estate to add another IoT slot. But we are thinking of adding a 16-20 pin connector in that area that can be extended out through the cable as you show.

If you know of a reliable high density connector (10-20 pins) with low real estate requirements, let us know


How about the 0.05" headers - now used as standard for the Cortex-M debug connection?

ready-made mating ribbon cables are widely available; eg,


Buy a mangOH red, and some yellow paint …



Thinking of something like access control or time & attendance - where the mangOH would need to read the “user’s” card …


I changed the topic title - as this seems to have become a “general questions about mangOH Yellow” thread!

A ‘mangOH Yellow’ Category is required …


Do you mean mangOH yellow as the access card reader with NFC ? How about Beacon devices?


Yes - that sort of thing.

So what do you mean about “Beacon Devices” - the mangOH as a beacon, or the mangOH receiving beacons?