MangOH yellow need 30 minutes for the first connection

If we start up our mangOH yellow it needs to connect the first time to a network up to 30 - 45 minutes.
Is it possible to see the AT commands which running in the background?

what SIM card are you using?

You can check AT!GSTATUS?

We use 1NCE SIM cards.

Have you tried other sim card on other operator?
Will there be improvement if you set the operator manually by at+cops ?

Is the signal in good quality?

We have tried a other SIM-Cards but these ones was already used before in our area.
But if i put the 1NCE card in a tablet the mobile connection is there in a few sec.

Is it possible to see the AT-Commands which are running in the background?
We have a other project with a HL7802 module and there we have the possibility to see the full AT command sequences in a log.

Do i can set log level to a specific App or level to see the AT commands?

See below the AT!GSTATUS?
Current Time: 524 Temperature: 38
Modem Mitigate Level: 0 ModemProc Mitigate Level: 0
Reset Counter: 6 Mode: ONLINE
System mode: LTE PS state: Attached
IMS reg state: UNKNOWN IMS mode: Not Support
LTE band: B20 LTE bw: 10 MHz
LTE Rx chan: 6400 LTE Tx chan: 24400
EMM state: Registered Normal Service
RRC state: RRC Idle

PCC RxM RSSI: -66 RSRP (dBm): -91
PCC RxD RSSI: 0 RSRP (dBm): 0
Tx Power: – TAC: 67C0 (26560)
RSRQ (dB): -8 Cell ID: 01AB3E0C (27999756)
SINR (dB): 13.4


It is attached in at!gstatus?

What module and firmwre are you using?

We have tried here also to change the acquisition order and changed the operation mode to 2.
Now the Boards connecting in less the 2 minutes to the network.

We are using the WP7702