MangOH Yellow interference with DTT


I noticed MangOH Yellow operation after following getting started guides and configuring resources, observations etc. seemed to cause interference with TV broadcasts (Freeview in UK)

I set two up in my upstairs ‘office’. Around the same time the Freeview TVs in the house stopped working with massive picture interference . By turning on and off I have determined the MangOH boards are to blame.

Interestingly when I turn them on the interference doesn’t start straight away – it must be something that is turned on later under software control.

I’m wondering if the developer mode that keeps the connection to Octave open is causing the interference. I have the external antenna connected and configured with DIP 5.

In my area there’s only really one working mobile network, all the others have too poor signal to maintain a connection – it’s O2. Although we all have mobile phones at home on O2 we rarely use the mobile network as they will be on wifi.

Also my Freeview is based on a fairly ropey old aerial on the roof, which is fed into a distribution amp in the loft space before being fed into two separate UHF leads. It has worked well enough for years.

But the distribution amp is directly above the room where the MangOHs are placed. I wondered if the EDGE signal is interfering with the distribution amp or something – it is a wideband one that works for UHF and VHF from memory.

Has anyone else noticed this or have any advice?

Hi Camilo,

I havent noticed it here but also we dont get TV over air where I live :slight_smile:
Have you tried the non-octave version firmware? That would help knowing whether it is related to the developer mode or not.


That’s a good idea, is there documentation about using non Octave firmware? How to configure sim for example…



Sim selection should be automatic. If it doesnt work, please let me know.
there is both a legato command or AT command if it doesnt work.