mangOH Yellow Getting Started - Where Next?

So the mangOH yellow arrived:


Been through the Getting Started Guide (Rev 1.01); only one big error: the On/Off switch is documented the wrong way around!

An observation: p9 says,

When the mangOH Yellow is powered, the Power LED turns solid green, and then all three LEDs will begin blinking in sequence when the module has finished booting up.

What I actually see is that the Power/Network/Cloud LED stays permanently green while the other two LEDs cycle through:

  • Both Off
  • RGB = Greem
  • RGB = Blue
  • Both off
  • Generic LED = Yellow (not green)

Ping works, and I see console output, although there’s no response in the DM port - should there be?

But where should I go next?

The obvious next steps would seem to be to log-in at the console, and/or issue some AT commands.

But there is nothing on the ‘Get Started’ page to say where next …

That is, the PDF.

Just had a quick look at the Online version - which does seem to go further …

Did you manage to connect to Octave?
We will fix the document on the on/off button.

Octave isn’t even mentioned in the PDF ‘Getting Started’ guide

Do you have the right gettting started ? :slight_smile:
What does page 15 show up as ?

Ha ha -no, it was the “User Guide” !

However, if I use the online Getting Started, when I get to the 'Device Registration;:

pressing ‘Submit’ just takes me straight back to the ‘Getting Started’ page:


Ok… can u let us know the experience with the Getting Started Guide?

Sure - will do …

Now got to the ‘hello’ demo.

The LEDs section seems to confirm that the Red in the RGB LED is not working

Page 6 - Registration
The ‘Device Registration’ doesn’t actually seem to do anything - just takes you to the page with the info about the device you select.
If that’s the intended operation, it could be better explained.

Page 7 - Kit contents
Mine was missing the M2 screws!

Page 8 - Overview
This is good - like it :slightly_smiling_face:
(the power selection jumper is not identified)

Page 9 - Windows Drivers
I didn’t do this - Windows found all the drivers itself

Pages 9-12
Similar to what’s in the User Guide, but missing a few steps; eg,

  • power supply selection
  • connecting the antenna
  • the on/off switch

Pages 13-14 Local connection
All fine

Page 15 - Octave free trial
doesn’t reflect the current experience

Pages 15-18 - Send to Octave
I couldn’t get this to work:

Pages 18-20 Control from Octave
worked fine.

It references the Octave developer site, but that is purely Red-focussed, and doesn’t quite reflect the actual online experience.

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