mangOH Yellow Getting Started - Where Next?

So the mangOH yellow arrived:


Been through the Getting Started Guide (Rev 1.01); only one big error: the On/Off switch is documented the wrong way around!

An observation: p9 says,

When the mangOH Yellow is powered, the Power LED turns solid green, and then all three LEDs will begin blinking in sequence when the module has finished booting up.

What I actually see is that the Power/Network/Cloud LED stays permanently green while the other two LEDs cycle through:

  • Both Off
  • RGB = Greem
  • RGB = Blue
  • Both off
  • Generic LED = Yellow (not green)

Ping works, and I see console output, although there’s no response in the DM port - should there be?

But where should I go next?

The obvious next steps would seem to be to log-in at the console, and/or issue some AT commands.

But there is nothing on the ‘Get Started’ page to say where next …

That is, the PDF.

Just had a quick look at the Online version - which does seem to go further …

Did you manage to connect to Octave?
We will fix the document on the on/off button.

Octave isn’t even mentioned in the PDF ‘Getting Started’ guide

Do you have the right gettting started ? :slight_smile:
What does page 15 show up as ?

Ha ha -no, it was the “User Guide” !

However, if I use the online Getting Started, when I get to the 'Device Registration;:

pressing ‘Submit’ just takes me straight back to the ‘Getting Started’ page:


Ok… can u let us know the experience with the Getting Started Guide?

Sure - will do …

Now got to the ‘hello’ demo.

The LEDs section seems to confirm that the Red in the RGB LED is not working

Page 6 - Registration
The ‘Device Registration’ doesn’t actually seem to do anything - just takes you to the page with the info about the device you select.
If that’s the intended operation, it could be better explained.

Page 7 - Kit contents
Mine was missing the M2 screws!

Page 8 - Overview
This is good - like it :slightly_smiling_face:
(the power selection jumper is not identified)

Page 9 - Windows Drivers
I didn’t do this - Windows found all the drivers itself

Pages 9-12
Similar to what’s in the User Guide, but missing a few steps; eg,

  • power supply selection
  • connecting the antenna
  • the on/off switch

Pages 13-14 Local connection
All fine

Page 15 - Octave free trial
doesn’t reflect the current experience

Pages 15-18 - Send to Octave
I couldn’t get this to work:

Pages 18-20 Control from Octave
worked fine.

It references the Octave developer site, but that is purely Red-focussed, and doesn’t quite reflect the actual online experience.

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Mine was also missing the screws. I just assumed since mine was a demo unit or pre production (I have some wires to correct for missing or incorrect traces) that that would be the reason for the missing screws.

On page 8, there is mention of a buzzer, the picture shows a board that has the buzzer unpopulated while the actual board (at least mine) has the buzzer populated.

On page 7, it mentions that the WP module is soldered down, mine is the same as on my red and green. Both of those had a “cage” to hold the module and the module could be removed with a special tool.

The other issue I’m having is trying to update the firmware. If I do over the air there are a LOT of options with no useful naming convention. Some are octave_red… others red_wp and still others mangoh_wp. DO they ALL work on the yellow, what about the green? Is there away to update the firmware not using Octave?