MangOH Yellow device getting disconnected after every 12 hrs


We are facing MangOH device disconnection (neither ping nor ssh working) for every 12 hrs.
The lights on the device are ON, symbolizing that the device is running. But we are unable to connect to the device.

None of our app is running on the device considering for a mem leak or such issues, we are running only the sample apps and in built apps on the device. Double checked for mem leak and power usage as well seems normal. Device is with normal temperature.

After every 12 hrs we are switching it off, unplugging the USB, waiting for 1-1.5 hrs and then plugging back, turning it on.

Is this a known issue, if so any resolution for this ?
Let me know if this is can be caused by defective device, then will seek for a replacement or a new one to procure.

Please let me know if any other information is required.

Device: wp7611 Sierra Wireless, mangOH Yellow

Labheswar Pradeep

Is it sleep mode?
Did you enable psm mode?

I have checked the device and on running apps I don’t see a PSM related data.

Is there a way to check if PSM or sleep mode enable ?

How about AT+CEDRXS? And at+cpsms?

Sorry for the delay (Holiday season), these commands you pasted I’m not aware of them, is it Atmosphere.

We are trying to create own sensor apps using data hub to fetch the data, rather than using ocatve/atmosphere.

Is there a way to execute the above shared commands or any more info to enlighten us would be great .

you can check the WP76 AT command user guide