MangOH Yellow cannot recognize SIMs in slot 1

Hi All,
i have Mangoh Yellow that cannot recognize SIM in the external slot, cm sim response SIM card is absent (LE_SIM_ABSENT)
So, i was tried to update the FW with/without Octave and back to last version of the system without changes, in AT CMD the SIM cannot recognized. if i change it to embedded it recognize and give me the numbers.
I was tried with couple of SIMs and it working well in phones etc.

yellowSimError.txt (6.3 KB)

Any advise here?


seems this is hardware problem, some user does not see this issue on mangoh yellow:

Thanks @jyijyi,
I think isn’t the issue here, the device has recognized the SIMs before and established connection over external SIM, so i think is SW issue.
If i was trying to set the AT!UIMS=1 or 2 it’s feedback ERROR, so something stop the modem to choose with external sim, it managed automatically, not manual.
The FW change i was tried, isn’t helping.

Do you have any way to debug it?


But in your log, you can do " cm sim select EMBEDDED", but now at!uims=1 returns error, seems not matching each other .

Thnaks @jyijyi after my double check it seems like HW issue, the right inside leg disconnectedd.
thanks for your help, the secound MangOH yellow working well.